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This is not just a play on words but an expression of what we believe in. Many of the great athletes of the past were true amateurs and, despite this, achieved amazing results. We are inspired by people who love sports so much that even in the busiest moments of their life, they find time to pursue their dreams.

We make dreams come true, even the boldest ones, because we carefully consider age, workload, family obligations, and training conditions. We develop fully customized programs that can include, for example, the most sophisticated treadmill workouts. In other words, we use original methods and are not just trying to fit professional training for amateurs. This approach provides unprecedented efficiency, which is confirmed by our statistics.




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When a Marathon Is Not Enough

Even though an ultramarathon is an almost impossible test for the human body and spirit, its popularity among runners around the world is growing at an incredible pace. Running Expert has a completely unparalleled experience and knowledge that allows our athletes to successfully perform in ultras worldwide, including the Comrades Marathon, MDS, UTMB, Spartathlon, and Badwater.

Our competencies include:

Sergey Ionov

Well-known ultrarunner in the UK; he was 13th at Badwater 2018, but after joining Running Expert, he came 3rd in 2021

Zeljko Koncar

Came to Running Expert with a modest marathon of 3:16, improved the PB to 2:47, won the Serbian championship in the 6-hour run (80.01k), and qualified for the Spartathlon



Alex Golowin

Running Expert Head Coach

I grew up in a small town where there was no long-distance running coach, but I really wanted to run and dreamt of participating in the Olympics. This was a quarter of a century ago, so I looked for training ideas in paper books about runners of the past, from Paavo Nurmi to Ron Clarke, and even in bodybuilding manuals! I achieved a lot – my marathon PB is 2:16:53 – but, unfortunately, didn’t make it to the Olympics. However, I now have the incredible opportunity to help people all over the world who are in love with running to reach their own dreams. Modern technologies allow people in different parts of the world to interact as if they were working eye-to-eye. In any case, Running Expert athletes are always happy to meet in person both at international races and during the camps that we regularly organize around the world, from Portugal to Kyrgyzstan.

Issyk Kul Running Camp


This is an advanced, user-friendly, and free-for-athletes software that allows you to be in constant communication with your coach, analyze your workouts by yourself, and import training data from your fitness devices. The software includes the Final Surge mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Coaching Services


If your goal is classic distances up to and including a marathon, then this is the perfect tariff plan for you. World-class coaching for runners at all levels — from a rookie to an elite athlete.

* We cannot give a guarantee in the legal sense of the word, but our practice shows that the results are growing for the vast majority of our athletes, and we are doing everything possible so that everyone has imminent progress.

$150 / month

+ free starter kit including initial coach consultation and a copy of our “Running Expert 101” brochure


Dare to dream of crazy challenges like the Comrades Marathon, Marathon des Sables, Spartathlon or maybe even Badwater 135, “The World’s Toughest Foot Race”? We are the best experts who can make your dreams come true.

$200 / month

+ free starter kit including initial coach consultation and a copy of our “Running Expert 101” brochure


Do you not need regular and ongoing communication with a coach for some reason, but you are looking for an expertly planned training program? Perhaps this option is best for you.

$300 (one-time)

+ free starter kit including initial coach consultation and a copy of our “Running Expert 101” brochure


Our head coach is a real encyclopedist who has carefully studied the experience of nearly all of the great runners and coaches, from the Flying Finns of the 1920–1930s and Woldemar Gerschler, the inventor of classic interval training, to Renato Canova and other top trainers in the world today.

The problem is that the experience of all these people is focused on young and talented athletes who are ready to train as much as needed. It can be said that their methods, despite the differences in their approaches, are equally extensive. In contrast, Running Expert takes an intensive approach based on the so-called Limiting Factors Model.

Every non-pro runner has their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as limitations imposed by their work and life circumstances. Therefore, we first develop something akin to a human-based SWOT analysis (if you know what that means) and, in order to achieve maximum results with limited resources (primarily workout time), we use the most sophisticated approaches to training — for example, Blood Flow Restriction Training — and we have a variety of programs to suit your specific needs.

When you first contact us, we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire, where, among other things, you will indicate your goals, as well as a possible training schedule. After analyzing the information received, the coach will offer you a general plan for achieving your goals and propose a weekly cycle scheme. If it turns out to be acceptable for you,  you start to train.

If you have chosen personal coaching (Standard or Ultra), then a plan for the week ahead is drawn up for you. However, adjustments can be made as often as circumstances require. The main parameters of the load when drawing up a plan are pace and volume. To assess the adequacy of the load, we use heart rate indicators and subjective Rating of Perceived Exertion, as well as other parameters, if they are available in each specific case.

It’s very simple. You leave us a request, we send you a questionnaire. The coach analyzes it and arranges an initial discussion with you. Then you set up an account in the Final Surge app (it’s free), get our “Running Expert 101” brochure with detailed answers to the most common questions runners have (it’s also free), pay according to the chosen tariff plan, and — the starting shot! — run towards your dream.

As a rule, we accept credit cards, but we are ready to take into account any special wishes of our customers so that they feel comfortable.

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